May 24, 2007

What are black holes?

The following is almost entirely theoretical.

It is my personal belief that black holes are other universes, much like our own. Black holes compress all material, that enters their boundaries, into an infinitesimal point. As a star goes supernova, a negative point in space emerges. This point, which we call a black hole, is negative to us, but everything with a negative end must have an exact opposite positive end. On 'the other side' of a black hole must be a positive end, in which all the compressed material is decompressed. Hydrogen gas is the original form of all material in our universe, according to the big bang theory. After being compressed to this infinitesimal point, the material would no longer be able to hold any physical properties. Upon decompressing, this material is likely to be in the form of hydrogen gas.

I'll have to think more on this theory, and I'll post an update later.

May 22, 2007

What happens after something dies?

Once a living being dies, it is no longer able to perceive its surroundings. If a being is unable to perceive its surroundings, or its own existence, it does not exist. In order for such a being to cease to exist it must disperse its presence. Logically its presence must have originated from somewhere, therefor in order to disperse its presence, it would return to its origin.

This is much like the cycle of life we are able to see on Earth. As a tree absorbs nutrients from the soil, it uses the nutrients to grow leaves. As Winter sets, and the leaves fall to decay on the ground, they deposit nutrients into the soil. These nutrients are then used to repeat the cycle.

May 21, 2007

The creator

Our existence is dependent on having been created by something which is not bound by the influence of our universe. Without a creator, we obviously could not exist. If your mother and father did not exist, you would not exist.

You will find that I refer to the creator as god. Take note that I do not capitalize the word god. This is because God is a figure in religious literature. The difference being that God, as depicted by religion, is a personified being, whom we are subject to in life and death. This god is often perceived as part of our existence. The god I speak of is an existence beyond our own.

Why did god create the universe?

Using my previous response to "How did god come to exist?" as a preface, it was determined that god is not bound by time. Through this, it is evident that the universe is an independent measure of time. To a god which time does not apply, the universe would enable god to use this as a measurement, as relevant to the elapsed time for which the universe has existed.

A purpose for such an ability could vary indefinitely; however, It is possible that through the creation of the universe, god transcended his perceivably inhibited form into the universe itself. This could be to escape gods inability to cease to exist. By creating this measurable time, and imposing the laws that govern our universe, it is possible that god created a time frame for which his existence would consume itself.

May 20, 2007

How did god come to exist?

God could not have been created, thus god would have always had to exist. If god were created, god would require a predecessor, which would also require a predecessor, and so on down the line into infinity. God would have to always have existed, therefor he must exist in a form in which time is irrelevant.

If god were to exist in a form in which time is irrelevant, he would need to have a non embodying presence. A presence in the form of a body would have to be created before it could exist. This would mean that god is not in the form of a human, or a spirit, much as he is depicted. If god were bound by the laws which govern our universe it would be most likely that he is in the form of energy. The only alternative would be something which does not have form, and does not exist outside of its own presence, thus is not bound by these governing laws.

My Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to express my philosophy in a public manor, for others to see and comment on. I also intend on using it to answer any questions that others may have for me, and to post some of the responses on this blog.